Is Ratfucking Journalism Dead?

James O'Keefe's latest video exposé is another selectively edited pooch-screw. A conservative kids' blog gets blasted for paying political operatives and snowing sources. A bowtied bro and his protegé, who's trying to do the Tea Party a solid, get played by Cuban spies. The right-wing gotcha industry is in disarray! » 7/08/14 4:19pm 7/08/14 4:19pm

​The "Nanny From Hell" Is an American Hero

As the story of the so-called "Nanny From Hell" continues to unfold, it becomes clearer and clearer that America is a nation of cringing dupes and shameless predators, and that most of the predators are also dupes. The coverage, very much including this site's own coverage, has been dedicated to the peculiar notion… » 7/03/14 11:16am 7/03/14 11:16am

A Kinder Way to Kill

I grew up with a killer. My father. He didn't kill in a way that would ever send him to jail. He wasn't in the military. Instead, he used the death penalty. Sometimes he called and gave the order for inmates to be executed. » 5/10/14 3:40pm 5/10/14 3:40pm

A Brief History of Botched Executions in America

First things first: The crime that brought Clayton Lockett to Oklahoma's death chamber did not present a hard case, as violent murders go. Lockett was sentenced to death almost 15 years ago for the murder of 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman, who he shot and then, with friends, buried alive off a country road. His guilt… » 4/30/14 9:02pm 4/30/14 9:02pm

Donald Sterling's Obsession With Purity Is an American Tradition

It's tedious, but if you listen to the entirety of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling's whiny, racist tirade, caught on tape by his girlfriend V. Stiviano and then widely disseminated this weekend, you can eventually get to the root of the couple's argument. It seems Sterling was upset that Stiviano, reportedly his… » 4/29/14 1:17pm 4/29/14 1:17pm

What Is a 'Sophisticated Handjob,' and Isn't It an Oxymoron?

I'm immature when it comes to a lot of things, but especially when it comes to handjobs. The reason is simple: Handjobs are hilarious. It's not possible to give one with a straight face when that face belongs to me. It is perhaps the most awkward motion to endeavor ever for someone not in possession of a penis. It is… » 4/24/14 12:45pm 4/24/14 12:45pm