Gawker Art Picks for January 2015

Our staff of myself, Tara Jacoby, and Sam Woolley create a lot of images on a daily basis, sometimes a dozen or more per day. Here's a bunch of my favorites, in no particular order, from January of 2015. » 2/15/15 11:35pm 2/15/15 11:35pm

The Gawker Art Blog

We've decided to kick off a new subkinja blog dedicated to the artwork we create here at Gawker Media. A lot of the content you'll find will be shared posts from around the network with images the art team has created, curated into one place. Occasionally, we'll post something else we just like. Maybe we'll post… » 2/15/15 10:07pm 2/15/15 10:07pm

How to Take the Perfect Valentine's Day Dick Pic

Valentine's Day is upon us, which means that you'll be doing one of two things today: Either you'll be sneering about how you don't participate in commercially-motivated bullshit holidays, or else you'll be frantically scrambling for the perfect gift idea for the babe(s) in your life. » 2/14/15 4:24pm 2/14/15 4:24pm

Your Relationship Is Only As Good as the Lies Holding it Together

If lies are not the glue that binds us, then they are at least the sticky tape. This isn't only true just for us overly sensitive beings who can't face being told what we're really like, but also for lovers who can't stand knowing what our significant others are really thinking (about us). In this arena, some argue… » 2/11/15 4:47pm 2/11/15 4:47pm

Don't Read These Beloved Children's Books To Your Kids

I'm a stay-at-home dad with two kids. My daughter is seven, but before she was old enough to go to preschool, I watched her when she was awake and worked odd hours from home while she slept. My son is two, and we're on the same schedule, except that I've recently joined the jobless recovery, so now it's all toddler,… » 2/10/15 8:40pm 2/10/15 8:40pm

DLC: Defined

Just about everybody knows that the acronym DLC stands for "downloadable content", but do they know what it really means? Probably, but we're going to define it anyway, because that's what the XXX: Defined series is all about. » 2/10/15 8:39pm 2/10/15 8:39pm

'Nothing Short of Attempted Murder': A Brief History of Anti-Vaxxers

There are virtually no photographs of twenty-first century American children covered with measles. The disease, as well as the sight of it, is something we have banished to the past: the stuff of medical archives and undeveloped foreign countries. Consequently, the photos and stock images that illustrate the news… » 2/10/15 4:49pm 2/10/15 4:49pm

We're in a Technological Arms Race with Bears for Our Food

It's almost impossible to secure yourself against a food raid from bears. That's because these giant mammals are clever tool users, and they share their tech knowledge with other bears nearby. As a result, bear-proofing technology rarely works for more than a couple of decades before every bear knows how to crack it. » 1/29/15 5:17pm 1/29/15 5:17pm

The Cops Don't Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?

I. "Hey Anna, do you like pizza?" I was just sitting down to dinner one evening this past November when I looked through some new Twitter notifications on my phone. My night, I realized regretfully, was about to get very, very stupid. » 1/29/15 5:16pm 1/29/15 5:16pm

Do Not Root For The Goddamn Patriots